Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hope everybody had a wonderful New Years!
Check out my latest shoot with Katelyn Simkins and Charlie Price! These photos were taken for the NAHA awards in the fashion forward category. This shoot was a great experience! The models for the images are from Donna Baldwin Modeling Agency! Steffie, Aubrey and Heather are three incredible girls who
 helped elevate this shoot to where it needed to be! Clothes were borrowed from Neimans Marcus in Cherry Creek, designers include Zac Posen, Prada, Chanelle, Dolce and several others. Charlie Price did all the wonderful hair and Katelyn Simkins did the makeup

You will be able to view more of these photos in the March issue of 303 magazine in the beauty section!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Holidays!

Hello again my faithful readers! Thanks for checking back on my latest happenings! I hope everybody had a wonderful Thanksgiving, as for I, this is a season in which I have been truly blessed. Many of you maybe wondering why I have not left for NYC yet, well it's coming, just now is not the proper time. 
I have been getting swamped with lots of great opportunities, in Denver, tho, and it's hard to imagine that January and February are booked already! This month my photos with Sahsha Hoffman graced pages of Fashion Models Magazine, thanks to the
 help of Ryan and Marcus... of course, in putting together a truly unique editorial spread! Just in a few weeks I am looking forward to working with Charlie Price, some of y-
ou may know him as fabulous talent on Sheer Genius. These photos are for a competition in which Charlie enters every year, Hair Stylist of The year, and has won it twice in a row! I must say that I am very thankful for him choosing me to help take on this project! Looks for those photos later on in an issue of 303 magazine!
Also another wonderful thing...although it happened a while ago (just haven't spoken about it yet). I received a very late Christmas present (yep from last year) from my extremely close friend and once co-worker (more like boss) Heather Willman. When I opened the present I found out that it was a very sleek book by Randee St. Nicholas (whom I worked for in LA). This book, 21 Nights, is a photographic editorial of Prince during his O2 tour in London. Heather and I, as well as many many other hard working individuals, spent countless of hours editing, and organizing photos for this book to be released  as early as possible. If you so happen to pick up this book flip to the back... and look under production... yep that's right... my name is right there! THANKS HEATHER!

Anyways! Thanks again for checking back I am sure there will be lots more after the holidays are over! I will be thinking of everybody while I waste away on the beaches of Mexico for New Years!

Happy Holidays!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

The Denver Broncos!

Hey again!
Yesterday, November 1st, I was very honored to have been called for a job from the Denver Broncos to shoot a fashion spread with Brendon Marshall (#1 NFL wide receiver). Even though, the shoot was extremely late notice my team and I pulled together and put on a great production. The entire day was filled was laughs, jokes and great modeling on Brendon's behalf. During this photo shoot, a fox sports film crew came along and taped the entire day for a special that will be aired on TV and on Fox Before we started I was pulled aside for a short interview about myself and my experiences as a photographer. This was a great experience for myself, and my team! Go Broncos!

Saturday, October 18, 2008


Hey Everybody!

Well, it's final, I graduated from the Art Institute of Colorado on September 26th! At Graduation I received Portfolio Par Excellence- which is best portfolio from my graduating class. This was definitely an honor, especially since I was up against some pretty talented photographers. I would like to thank Paul Weinrauch for all the hard work and the amazing prints that were created for my Book! Please visit Paul's website at Also a special thanks to Mia, who created and put together a fabulous black leather portfolio.  Mia worked hard, especially since I gave her the tough task of fold out pages (which she did beautifully!). Please visit Mia's site at

Thanks so much!!!!

Wizard of Oz!

 About a month ago, my team sat down together and had a little pow wow about how to make my photographs a little more exciting. We started tossing around some ideas and we ended up with doing a fashion story of the Wizard of Oz. We started of with some pretty grand ideas and ideally ended up with on-location ideas for each of the characters in the book. I hired an incredible model, Julie, who is signed with Donna Baldwin Modeling Agency. And of course my fabulous team, Ryan who did the makeup and Marcus who did hair. I had such a blast picking out wardrobe and at times it proved to be a little tricky. For Dorothy we needed a little extra somethin' so we rented a parachute from The Army and Navy Surplus store in Arvada. Scarecrow's dress is by Cache as is the TinMan's dress. Glenda the Good Witch is by Calvin Klein, The Bad Witch the dress by INC and the Corset by Kara Corset Designs.  And last but not least the Lions look is by INC from Macy's. Shoes provided by Steve Madden and Bebe, and jewelry by Sax Fifth Ave. 

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What a long Day!

This past Monday I had such a great experience working with some of the most talented people that I have ever worked with!

I put together a high fashion shoot themed "Masquerade Party" and let me tell ya, it was awesome! For the first time I got to work with Katie, who has been modeling in Denver for about a year and a half. Katie is featured in the pictures on the right in the red corset and brown hair. It was such a pleasure to get to work with an experienced dancer who used her skills in full force during this shoot (you won't believe how far Katie can bend!). The second model featured is newcomer Leslie. Leslie had her very first photo shoot with me a few weeks ago when we shot her as a Geisha. This being Leslie's second shoot, she gave Katie a run for her money! These two models have such a bright future a head of them and I am excited to say that I go to work with them in the beginning!

We shot these photos at Gran-Humphreys Mansion located right next door to the Governor's  Mansion in Denver. This was a great location to shoot at, with it's rustic feel, the "Masquerade Party" really begun to come together. Wardrobe was provided by Mechantes (located in North Carolina) and styling was all done by myself. Hair was provided by Marcus Nathanial, and makeup was provided by Ryan Griffith. 

This ended up being an extremely long day, as we started hair and makeup at 7am and didn't finish till late afternoon. Long days like this are worth all the effort, especially when the
 entire team did as great of a job as they did!

Friday, August 1, 2008


Wow! The weather is just so hot right now, and yet Denver set a new record again today (how much longer??!). 

So of course, my team and I decided to have a shoot in this blazing heat and let's say the sun wasn't the only one on fire. On Thursday the 31st we drove up to Ft. Collins to shoot at this beautiful rock garden. For those of you who haven't seen it you should go (located right on the corner of College Ave. and Highway 1). Chantelle is the beautiful model that you see in the photos. With red hair and a beautiful smile Chantelle did a great job pushing through the bright sun and 100+ degree heat. Hair was done by the talented Marcus Nathanial. Marcus did several different looks and each came out incredibly well. Makeup was done by Ryan Griffith, another extremely talented individual. Ryan did a clean and fresh look on Chantelle for the casual look that we were all going for. Wardrobe was provided by myself. I wanted to give Chantelle a nice relaxed feel, which is different from my normally dressy dramatic style.  This was a great shoot but I am glad now to be sitting in my AC apartment.


photos are ©Stacey Weisser Photography