Friday, August 1, 2008


Wow! The weather is just so hot right now, and yet Denver set a new record again today (how much longer??!). 

So of course, my team and I decided to have a shoot in this blazing heat and let's say the sun wasn't the only one on fire. On Thursday the 31st we drove up to Ft. Collins to shoot at this beautiful rock garden. For those of you who haven't seen it you should go (located right on the corner of College Ave. and Highway 1). Chantelle is the beautiful model that you see in the photos. With red hair and a beautiful smile Chantelle did a great job pushing through the bright sun and 100+ degree heat. Hair was done by the talented Marcus Nathanial. Marcus did several different looks and each came out incredibly well. Makeup was done by Ryan Griffith, another extremely talented individual. Ryan did a clean and fresh look on Chantelle for the casual look that we were all going for. Wardrobe was provided by myself. I wanted to give Chantelle a nice relaxed feel, which is different from my normally dressy dramatic style.  This was a great shoot but I am glad now to be sitting in my AC apartment.


photos are ©Stacey Weisser Photography

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Sarah Bockting said...

Stacey you are brave for shooting in this weather! But once again you are brilliant! Excellent job!