Sunday, July 27, 2008

New Blog!

Hey Everybody!
So I have finally decided to create professional blog for you and everybody else to check up on the going ons at Stacey Weisser Photography. I will keep you posted on all the latest happenings, newest techniques discovered, new and interesting people that I have come across and everything else! 
Just a bit about me. I am 24 years old and I currently live in Denver Colorado. I am attending the Art Institute of Colorado and I will be graduating on September 26th of 2008. My passion for photography has always been in my blood but didn't get serious about it until three years ago. Like most people who start photography, I always thought I would take pictures while I traveled and what I wanted more then anything was to work for National Geographic. The first time I took a true portrait of I person is when I found that my biggest interest in photography was the people. Which as brought me to what I do now. 
Fashion photography has really spiked my interest, even thought, I, myself, am no
t much into fashion personally. I prefer a comfy pair of jeans and my worn out flip flops. The fashion photography interests me so much because I am able to play dress up with some amazing people! I have only been shooting fashion for about two years, but this is eventually where I would like to take my career! 
Just a few weeks ago I spent sometime in NYC and feel in love it! The fast pace and the exciting atmosphere is where I would like to relocate my business. Traveling to a new city is very scary but it is so exciting and I wouldn't have it any other way. 
I spent last fall in LA working with a celebrity photographer and you can say that experience had made me so mature which now I feel that  I am ready for any
thing. LA was a completely new place for me. The day I heard about the job I was on an airplane about three days later, the day I arrived in LA I got the job and two hours after that I found my apartment in Marina Del Rey. I guess you can say it was fate
! LA was great I didn't know a single person and had no idea where anything was. However, four months later I met some of the most incredible people I have ever met (including some celebrities!) and I knew the entire place like the back of my hand! Now I try to visit LA as much as I can and I go out there for freelancing jobs every few months!
Now I am just busy putting together my professional portfolio and all the other little stuff that needs to get done. My website will provide you with my most recent work! Check it out!   
Thanks for stopping by~
Stacey Weisser Photography!

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