Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What a long Day!

This past Monday I had such a great experience working with some of the most talented people that I have ever worked with!

I put together a high fashion shoot themed "Masquerade Party" and let me tell ya, it was awesome! For the first time I got to work with Katie, who has been modeling in Denver for about a year and a half. Katie is featured in the pictures on the right in the red corset and brown hair. It was such a pleasure to get to work with an experienced dancer who used her skills in full force during this shoot (you won't believe how far Katie can bend!). The second model featured is newcomer Leslie. Leslie had her very first photo shoot with me a few weeks ago when we shot her as a Geisha. This being Leslie's second shoot, she gave Katie a run for her money! These two models have such a bright future a head of them and I am excited to say that I go to work with them in the beginning!

We shot these photos at Gran-Humphreys Mansion located right next door to the Governor's  Mansion in Denver. This was a great location to shoot at, with it's rustic feel, the "Masquerade Party" really begun to come together. Wardrobe was provided by Mechantes (located in North Carolina) and styling was all done by myself. Hair was provided by Marcus Nathanial, and makeup was provided by Ryan Griffith. 

This ended up being an extremely long day, as we started hair and makeup at 7am and didn't finish till late afternoon. Long days like this are worth all the effort, especially when the
 entire team did as great of a job as they did!

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